Eidos Napoli at Pitti.


New meermin string loafers in snuff rapello suede. No filter, out of the box.
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John F. Kennedy in SI, 1960

I was going through the garage of an estate sale this morning, and happened upon this old issue of Sports Illustrated. It’s from 1960 (the ad on the back references NBC’s coverage of “The NFL Championship Game”), and then-President-Elect John F. Kennedy on the ocean at Hyannisport.

For you prep fetishists, it’s close to perfection, but it’s a lovely lesson for the rest of us, too. Not much more than a blue polo, khakis, some canvas topsiders and a cotton sweater (or a tweedy sportcoat) are enough for the future president to look stunning.


Jeep Wagoneer Interior 
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~   Andrew Yamato at A Suitable Wardrobe, in a post about high rise trousers and … um … butts.  (via putthison)
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